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Category: Education and Career

Choosing Career as Fashion photographer

Fashion Photography:

Are you passionable to be fashion photographer? If so, then that’s not difficult task to achieve. You should just have passion for photography. You do not have to be a graduate to become a fashion photographer. There are many institutes which provide diploma/degree courses in Fashion Photography, but in most of the cases people prefer for apprenticeship (Training) with a senior Photographer.

To be a fashion photographer you must have a strong visual imagination, an eye for detail; attentiveness to color, shapes and shadows, artistic sensitivity, creativity and the ability to work in difficult conditions.

Fashion photography attracts youngsters because of its appealing coverage of glamorous models and shiny prints. Specialist studious or freelancers specially made by fashion houses of ad agencies mainly do this kind of photography. Most fashion photographers usually work under the direction of a fashion expert. Fashion photographers work along with models, take pictures of designer accessories in studios and showrooms and take photographs during fashion shows.

Careers in fashion photography are catching up with the new generation that is interested in doing something new. If you want to be fashion photographer than you also have to prepared for  all financial hurdles and insecurities that every photographer has to face. The camera, lenses and other equipments may be difficult to get and are very expensive .However, it’s worth it for the sake of creative satisfaction, once work becomes your best friend.

As a fashion photographer, you can work for newspaper, magazines, advertising agencies, fashion houses and even big departmental stores. Most fashion photographers, however prefers freelance work.

The income/salary will depend upon the caliber of the person as a fashion photographer, and therefore it differs from person to person. Finally it is not just the regular camera and lenses.


Diploma and certificate courses in Fashion Photography are available at:

Many more………..search on Internet or visit your nearest universities to have more information about this field of career.

Hope it helps 🙂

Choosing career as Database administrator

Database administrator (Oracle as a Career)

Oracle has many products ranging from RDBMS, ERP, CRM etc.Most popular being the Oracle database, with more than 80 % market capitalization oracle leads the markets, Oracle database is portable, platform independent and the most robust database, It is the only database which follows almost all Boyce code 16 rules for a perfect RDBMS.Oracle has evolved over years starting from 2.X to current11gR2 versions.

For more read.




So what are the different careers in Oracle

1)   You can be a PL/SQL developer

2)   Hyperion Developer or DBA

3)   Oracle apps Developer or DBA

4)   Oracle CRM developer or DBA

5)   Oracle Database DBA

And many more …..

So let us Talk about Oracle Database DBA

What is DBA?What his JOB profile,so let us discuss.

Oracle DBA-DataBase Administrator is the person responsible for creating, maintaining and solving the user problem accordance with database. Remember  this is a thankless job, but the most critical job in the Information technology industry because database is considered as the heart of any Company as all your information is stored in this, say for example a Bank database your account information, transaction information everything related to your account is stored in this imagine if the data is lost just imagine the chaos and tension you and the bank will undergo because you will not able to do net banking,ATM transaction or any withdrawals until all your all the information is restored to original   status, but don’t worry to prevent and secure the data in the database is what a DBA does so you can imagine what powers a DBA has, plus DBA jobs are the most secure jobs in the industry very rarely a DBA looses his job. So how do I get into this field,

Oracle recommends you undergo a training with any oracle partnered institute or with oracle itself at the end of the you will be a OCP certified professional with is the

First step for getting in the Oracle DBA field, please refer these links to get more information.



So let us begin with this exciting career path, keep posted more 🙂

By: Devdatta Joshi

Database Administrator 

Choosing Careers in Chemistry

What Are Some Careers in Chemistry?

The career options in chemistry are practically endless! However, your employment options depend on how far you have taken your education. A 2-year P.U.C degree in chemistry won’t get you very far, you wouldn’t have much advancement potential and you could expect a high level of supervision. A college bachelor’s degree in chemistry (B.Sc.) opens up more opportunities. A 3-year college degree can be used to gain admittance to advanced post degree programs. With the bachelor’s degree, you can get a bench job, which would allow you to run equipment and prepare chemicals. A bachelor’s degree in chemistry or education (with a lot of chemistry) is necessary to teach at the Degree level. A master’s degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, or other field opens up far more options. A terminal degree, such as a Ph.D. or M.D., leaves the field wide open. Most scientists who design and supervise their own research programs have terminal degrees. Chemistry is a part of biology and physics, plus, there are lots of categories of chemistry! Here’s look at some of the career options related to chemistry:

What Is a Chemist?

A chemist is a scientist who studies the composition and properties of chemicals and the way chemicals interact with each other. Chemists search for new information about matter and ways this information can be applied. Chemists also design and develop instruments to study matter.

What Do Chemists Do?

There are a lot of different employment opportunities open to chemists. Some chemists work in a lab, in a research environment, asking questions and testing hypotheses with experiments. Other chemists may work on a computer developing theories or models or predicting reactions. Some chemists do field work. Others contribute advice on chemistry for projects. Some chemists write. Some chemists teach. The career options are extensive.

Job Outlook for Chemists

In 2006 there were 84,000 chemists in the United States. Through 2016 the employment rate for chemists is expected to grow at the same rate as the average for all occupations. The fastest growth is expected in biotechnology and the pharmaceuticals industry, with good opportunities in food science, materials science, and analytical chemistry.

Chemist Working Conditions

Most chemists work regular hours in well-equipped labs, offices, or classrooms. Some chemists engage in field work, which takes them outdoors. Although some of the chemicals and processes chemists deal with may be inherently hazardous, the actual risk to a chemist is very low, both because of safety precautions and training.

Types of Chemists

Chemists usually pick areas of specialization.

  • Organic Chemists – work with carbon and carbon-compounds, many of which come from plants or animals. Organic chemists develop drug, petrochemicals, fertilizers, and plastics.
  • Inorganic Chemists – deal primarily with non-carbon chemistry involving metals, minerals, and electronics.
  • Analytical Chemists – examine substances. Analytical chemists identify materials, measure quantities, and evaluate properties of elements and compounds.
  • Physical Chemists – work primarily in the field of energy research. Physical chemists look at chemical and physical changes and examine the relationships between matter and energy.

There are many other types of chemists, such as biochemists, materials chemists, geochemists, and medical chemists.

Chemist Educational Requirements

You need a college education to become a chemist. High school students interested in a career in chemistry should take science and math courses. Trigonometry and computer experience is helpful. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement to get a job in chemistry, but realistically, you need a master’s degree to obtain a good position in research or teaching. A doctorate is required to teach college at most four-year colleges and universities and is desirable for research.

Advancement as a Chemist

To some extent, chemists are promoted based on experience, training, and responsibility. However, the best opportunities for advancement are associated with advanced degrees. A chemist with a master’s degree qualifies for research positions and teaching positions at two-year colleges. A chemist with a doctorate can conduct research, teach at the college and graduate level, and is more likely to be selected for supervisory or management positions.

Hope the above information helps 🙂 You can post your queries if you need to know more about this career and we will try to provide you more info.


Source : Internet


Choosing career as System Admin or Network Engineer

Choosing career as System Admin/Network Engineer after your degree or master degree

All IT companies (Smaller or Bigger) needs the IT support to secure their networks and for 100% production and no one will compromise with the security of their company’s network. So system admin/Network admins are essential assets for any company. The requirement and growth in this career is very high and no matters if it is recession period or its normal. Every IT/ITES/BPO/Call centers need system admins.

How to get this job?

Eligibility: You should be completed one of the following
BSc/BCom/BCA/B.tech/M.Tech/BE/ME/MCA Or any Diploma in Technical (2+3=15y).

Certifications: You should have done at least one of the following certifications

Solaris Certification

If you have some scripting knowledge like, VB scripting, Perl scripting, knowledge about batch files then it would be added advantage for this job.

The above all certifications are job oriented ones. If we have above mentioned eligibility criteria then surely we will get the jobs.

You can select the job or field as per your interest. For Example if you want to make the career as a System admin and that too in windows then you have to complete the MCSE/MCSA/MCP any one of these certifications to get entry in to this field. Once you have a little experience say 1 or 2 years you can do specialization in one of the field.

For example: DNS, Active Directory, Exchange server, SMS, Security etc

If you have done RHCT or RHCE then you can choose your career as a Linux system administrator.

If you are interested to make your career in networking field then you have to complete CCNA/CCNP certifications. This is also very vast field and you have to do some specialization after your initial career period to get good salary.

Hope the above information helps. You can post your queries if you need to know more about this career and I will try to provide you more info.