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Choosing career as Database administrator

Database administrator (Oracle as a Career)

Oracle has many products ranging from RDBMS, ERP, CRM etc.Most popular being the Oracle database, with more than 80 % market capitalization oracle leads the markets, Oracle database is portable, platform independent and the most robust database, It is the only database which follows almost all Boyce code 16 rules for a perfect RDBMS.Oracle has evolved over years starting from 2.X to current11gR2 versions.

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So what are the different careers in Oracle

1)   You can be a PL/SQL developer

2)   Hyperion Developer or DBA

3)   Oracle apps Developer or DBA

4)   Oracle CRM developer or DBA

5)   Oracle Database DBA

And many more …..

So let us Talk about Oracle Database DBA

What is DBA?What his JOB profile,so let us discuss.

Oracle DBA-DataBase Administrator is the person responsible for creating, maintaining and solving the user problem accordance with database. Remember  this is a thankless job, but the most critical job in the Information technology industry because database is considered as the heart of any Company as all your information is stored in this, say for example a Bank database your account information, transaction information everything related to your account is stored in this imagine if the data is lost just imagine the chaos and tension you and the bank will undergo because you will not able to do net banking,ATM transaction or any withdrawals until all your all the information is restored to original   status, but don’t worry to prevent and secure the data in the database is what a DBA does so you can imagine what powers a DBA has, plus DBA jobs are the most secure jobs in the industry very rarely a DBA looses his job. So how do I get into this field,

Oracle recommends you undergo a training with any oracle partnered institute or with oracle itself at the end of the you will be a OCP certified professional with is the

First step for getting in the Oracle DBA field, please refer these links to get more information.



So let us begin with this exciting career path, keep posted more 🙂

By: Devdatta Joshi

Database Administrator 

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