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Choosing Career as Fashion photographer

Fashion Photography:

Are you passionable to be fashion photographer? If so, then that’s not difficult task to achieve. You should just have passion for photography. You do not have to be a graduate to become a fashion photographer. There are many institutes which provide diploma/degree courses in Fashion Photography, but in most of the cases people prefer for apprenticeship (Training) with a senior Photographer.

To be a fashion photographer you must have a strong visual imagination, an eye for detail; attentiveness to color, shapes and shadows, artistic sensitivity, creativity and the ability to work in difficult conditions.

Fashion photography attracts youngsters because of its appealing coverage of glamorous models and shiny prints. Specialist studious or freelancers specially made by fashion houses of ad agencies mainly do this kind of photography. Most fashion photographers usually work under the direction of a fashion expert. Fashion photographers work along with models, take pictures of designer accessories in studios and showrooms and take photographs during fashion shows.

Careers in fashion photography are catching up with the new generation that is interested in doing something new. If you want to be fashion photographer than you also have to prepared for  all financial hurdles and insecurities that every photographer has to face. The camera, lenses and other equipments may be difficult to get and are very expensive .However, it’s worth it for the sake of creative satisfaction, once work becomes your best friend.

As a fashion photographer, you can work for newspaper, magazines, advertising agencies, fashion houses and even big departmental stores. Most fashion photographers, however prefers freelance work.

The income/salary will depend upon the caliber of the person as a fashion photographer, and therefore it differs from person to person. Finally it is not just the regular camera and lenses.


Diploma and certificate courses in Fashion Photography are available at:

Many more………..search on Internet or visit your nearest universities to have more information about this field of career.

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