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Funniest experience -My Over confidence

What is the funniest experience that you have ever had? When was it? Would you like it to happen again?
Here I would like to share some funniest experiences of my life and one from my friend Noborupam Jana.
If you have any such funniest experience in your life then please share with us.

1) Over confidence

I am from middle class family. I was just finished my Graduation and was looking for job. I was not exposed to Big cities or to metros in those days. Only Belgaum and Belgaum. My friend and one me went to INDAL to look for jobs as we heard there were some openings. When we reached INDAL we found there are no job openings and ofcourse we were very unhappy. We went to INDAL on our Bicycle’s from Belgaum. Once we came to know there were no job openings we planned to get back to our houses. It was summer season and temperature is about 37 to 38 c. We both were very thirsty and hungry as it was lunch time and very humid climate with temperature. We both planned to have some cold drink or Ice cream near JNMC. My friend told I don’t have money and I said I no problems, I have it. We went to one Hotel to have ICE cream and ordered two and once we finished having it the waiter came to table and gave the bill 20 Rs. I checked my pocket for money and found it was empty. So next question in our mind what to do now.

My friend: I told you I do not have money but you said you have it. Now see what happened…….. 

Me: Yes, I told you. Yesterday only I had 50 Rs in my poket.

My friend: So what to do now?

Me: I thought for some time and realized that I was wearing the other shirt and I left the money in some other shirt.

Me: Then I requested Hotel owner to give some time to me to bring the money from my house. Hotel owner was agreed to this expect one condition. I have to keep my friend in hotel till I return with money.

I then went to my house on my cycle and brought the money which was there in my shirt poket and gave to Hotel owner.

We then silently moved from there and laughed each other…….

Learned lesson: Be confident but don’t be more over confident (Learnt lesson with fun). We still remember these moments and laugh each other.

By: Sandeep & Changdev

2) We think practice makes person perfect but some times to much practice may affect our life…. 

Working in call centers is a hectic job. It can be contagious when you apply the phone etiquettes in your personal life. Like the other day, a friend called me when I was half awake and answered.. “Thank you for calling………”

People are known by their first name, last name and nick name. Out of the three, if someone calls you at home on a land line using the last name very informally, the caller may have a hard time. My friend from Bhubaneswar called me using my last name, mom answered the phone. My friend realized it late and started stammering as he could not remember my name

By: Noborupam Jana

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