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Military Mahadev Belgaum – In and Arround my City

Belgaum, One of the oldest town in karnataka and major district. The city is situated in the northwestern parts of Karnataka and lies at the border of two states, Maharashtra and Goa on the western ghats (50 km from Goa state border).Situated near the foothills of the Sahyadri mountain range (Western Ghats) at an altitude of about 779m, 100 km from the Arabian Sea with the river Markandeya flowing nearby.

Belgaum is well known for its pleasant climate throughout the year. It is at its coldest in winter (November – February temperatures dropping to 9 degrees Celsius), and experiences continuous monsoon during July to September. The annual average rainfall is over 200  cm” , 2000 mm.

Belgaum has the different names such as Garibanche Mahabaleshwar (Poor man’s Mahabaleshwar), Kunda nagari (Because of famous Kunda which is made only in Belgaum), Sugar city (Because it has maximum number of sugar factories in Karnataka)

Belgaum is located 502 km from Bangalore and 154 km from Panaji. Nestled in the foothills of the Western Ghats, it enjoys a cool, salubrious climate and is surrounded by natural beauty in the form of rivers, hills and dense evergreen forests covered tourists places like Amboli, Sindhudurg district, jamboti etc.

Inside the city, A wide variety of historical sites, temples and churches exist in and around the city, most notably the fort Kamala Basti, Kapileshwar temple (South Kashi), the hills of Vaijyanath, Ramtirth in Kanbargi, the aerodrome at Sambra and others.

So we start with Temples in and arround Belgaum and good picnic spots,

Military Mahadev

Military mahadev, is one of the favorite place for belgaumits to unwind from busy life and enjoy picnic with families. The Military Mahadeva is maintained by the Maratha Light infantry. There is lord shiva temple and that’s the reason it is called as “Military Mahadev”. By visiting this place one can enjoy the greenary of nature, a small zoo, Shivthirth (A beautiful place with replicas of Shivajis Forts).

Military Mahadev Temple(Belgaum)

Greenary at Military Mahadev, Belgaum

Small Zoo at Military Mahadev, Belgaum

Emu, the largest Bird and native of Australia

Let’s go to histroy (Shivthirth a place which takes you to histroy)

Shivthirth Entrance (www.deepjeevani.com)


Replica of Sindhudurga fort at Shivthirth, Belgaum

1664-Construction of the fort started by Shivaji Maharaj

1665-Treaty with Portuguese to Ensure smooth building up of own navy

1666- Shivaji Maharaj went to agra, Construction of fort continues

1667-Construction of fort completed.

1708-Fort under the control of Maharani Tarabhai

1763-Attack by the Portuguese, However they go back

1765-Fort under the control of British and renamed as “Fort Augustus”

1766-Fort again under the control of Marathas.

1805-Sawantwandikar’s Attack fails

1818-Control of the fort Passes on to British

१६६४-शिवाजी महाराजने किले को बनाना शुरू किया

१६६५-आरमार के उन्नति के लिये पोर्तूगीज से मैत्री का करार

१६६६-शिवाजी महाराज आग्रा गये, किले का काम जारी

१६६७-किले का निर्माण पुरा

१७०८-किला महाराणी ताराबाई के पास

१७६३-पोर्तुगीजो का हमला पर नाकाम

१७६५- किला अंग्रेझो के कब्जे मेई और किले का नाम फोर्ट ऑगस्टस रखा गया

१७६६-किला फिर मराठों के कब्जे मे

१८०५-सावंतवाडीकर का किले पार हमाला नाकामयाब

१८१८-किला अंग्रेजो के पास


Replica of VijayDurg at Shivthirth, Belgaum

13th Century- Shilhar Bhoj Raja Constructed the Fort

1218- Domination of Yadavs

1354-Reign of Vijaynagar king

1565-Moghals defeat Vijaynagar king and seize power

1653-Shivaji Maharaj captures fort and names it Vijaygurg.

1698-Fort became the main base of Dariyaganj sena, Kanhoji anger became the chief of this sena

1738-Sambhaji Angre repulsed the attack of British

1742-Sambhaji Angre dies on the fort

1757-Fort in hands of Peshwas

1818-Control of fort passes on to British

सन १३ शिलाहार भोज राजा ने किले का निर्माण किया

१२१८- यादावो का प्रभुत्व

१३५४- विजयनगर सम्राट की सत्ता

१५६५- विजयनगर सम्राट को पराजित कर सत्ता मोगुलो के पास

१६५३- शिवाजी महाराज ने किला हासिल किया और किले का नाम रखा विजयदुर्ग

१६९८- किला दर्यासारंग सेना का मुक्य अड्डा बना और कान्होजी आंग्रे उस सेना के प्रमुख बने

१७३८- संभाजी आग्रे ने अंग्रेजो का हमाला विफल किया

१७४२- संभाजी आग्रे का किले पर निधन

१७५७- किले पर पेशवो की सत्ता

१८१८- किला अंग्रेजो के पास


Replica of PRATAPGAD at Shivthirth, Belgaum

Replica of pratapgad at Shivthirth, Belgaum

1648-Death of Daulathrao. Shivaji Maharaj established yaswant rao more on jahagir of javali

1656-Shivaji Maharaj captures javali, Shivaji maharaj orders Moropant  to start construction of Pratapgad

1659-Afzal khan tries to kill Shivaji Maharaj during their meeting on 10 November but Shivaji Maharaj kills Afzal Khan with tiger claws

1661- Establishment of IDOL of goddess Bhavani

1674-Shivaji Maharaj offered three “MAN” gold to the goddess bhavani before coronation

1690-Fort captured by Moghals

1691-Fort was again captured by Marathas

1699-Rajaram Maharaj Arrives after Konkan campaign

1818-Control of the fort passes on to British

१६४८- जावली के दौलतराव मोरे का देहांत हुआ. शिवाजी ने यशवंत राव मोरे को जावली की सत्ता सौपि

१६५६-शिवाजी महाराज ने जावली पर कब्जा किया और प्रतापगड किला बांधने का आदेश मोरोपंत को दिया

१६५९-अफजल खान, १० नवम्बर को उनसे मुलाकात के दौरान शिवाजी महाराज को मारने कि कोशिश करते है लेकिन शिवाजी महाराज अफजल खान को वाघनकी से मारते है

१६५९-शिवाजी महाराज कोंकण और पन्हाळा का अभियान नवम्बर में ही, प्रतापगड से शुरू करते है

१६६१-भवानीमाता की मूर्ती की स्थापना

१६७४-शिवाजी महाराज ने राज्याभिषेक के पहले भवानी माता को तीन मन सोना अर्पण किया

१६९०-मोगलो ने किलेको कब्जा किया

१६९१-मारठो ने किले को दुबारा कब्जा किया

१६९९-छत्रपती राजाराम महाराज कोंकण के अभियान के बाद प्रतापगड पर आ गये

१८१८-किला अग्रेजो के पास


Replica of RajGad at Shivthirth, Belgaum

1646-Till this year the fort was with Adil Shahi

1646- Shivaji Maharaj captured the fort, his age was only 16 that time

1646- During repair of the fort 22 Big pots of gold coins (Mohar) were found,

shivaji maharaj installed the idol of Tornadevi at the same place, He used that money to

construct Rajgad fort, Shivaji Maharaj named the fort as Prachandgad in view of its


1666-After Shivaji’s release from Agra repair of the fort was done

1704-Aurangzeb took the fort

1818-Control of the fort passes on to British

१६४६-तक किला आदिल्ल्शाही के कब्जे मे

१६४६-शिवाजी महाराज ने किला जीता उस समय उनकी उम्र बस १६ वर्ष की थी

१६४६-किले की मरम्मत करते समय २२ ह्न्डे मोहरे मिली, उसी जगह महाराज ने तोरणा देवी की स्थापना की और उस धन से राजगड किले का काम शुरू किया, किले का विस्तार देखते हुये शिवाजी महाराज ने किले का नाम प्रचंड गड रख दिया

१६६६-आग्रा की कैद से छुटकारा होने के बाद किले की मरम्मत की

१७०४-औरंगजेब ने किला हासिल किया

१८१८-किला अंग्रेजो के पास

Replica of Torna fort at Shivtthirth, Belgaum

Replica of Torna fort at Shivthirth, Belgaum


Replica of Shivneri Fort at Shivthirth, Belgaum

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj statue at Shivthirth, Belgaum

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Statue at Shivthirth, Belgaum

Hope you like this post and will visit Belgaum to enjoy natural beauty and good food.. 🙂



The Maratha Light Infantry at Belgaum

The Mission Belgaum accomplished -My first adventurous journey

In our life we all have passion for something, have dreams and ambitions about our skills and passions and we set goals and implement the plans. Without setting goals we are unlikely to achieve our dreams. Some goals/ambitions are to achieve great heights in our careers and some we set for reaching our dreams for eg: Dancing, Art, Literature, Travel etc (These are only few examples). Similarly I too have some goals and ambitions set in my life to achieve something. Some are for career and some ambitions I set for my personal interest.

So one of mine ambitions is too travel whole India once in my life but considering the time required and other requirements I had to break my Ambition to smaller goals and I started achieving them one by one. One of my goals was “journey from Bangalore to Belgaum on my 2 wheeler Bike (Honda Shine, 125cc)” which I achieved on 1st jan 2011 (Saturday). My other motive is to explore nature to world (India) and the main factor which motivated me to achieve my goal is my camera which inspired me to go for such a beautiful adventure.

I planned my journey on 1st January 2011 from Bangalore which is 520km away from Belgaum. I started my journey at early morning at 4:20am from Arekere, Bangalore (13 kms away from Bangalore railway station/City bus stop). The capital of Karnataka was quit sleeping after New Year bash parties. As it was December month Bangalore experiencing chilly cold weather. I covered my body with my T-shirt, sweater and with Jacket to protect my body from cold wind during my drive on highways.

To reach Belgaum from Bangalore we have to reach first to NH-4 highway (Golden Quadrilateral).

The Golden Quadrilateral is a highway network connecting India’s four largest metropolises: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, thus forming a quadrilateral of sorts. Four other top ten metropolises: Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Surat, are also served by the network. The largest highway project in India, initiated by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, it is the first phase of the National Highways Development Project (NHDP), and consists of building 5,846 km (3,633 mi) of four/six lane express highways at a cost of 60,000 crore (US$13.3 billion).

So I reached Majestic/railway station after driver 13 kms from my home and took a diversion towards Rajajinagar to reach NH4. Before starting my journey I created flow chart of my journey path and it was as below

I reached NH4 highway before 4:45am as there was not much traffic on the roads. Once I reached the national highway 4 I experienced great pleasure while driving because the highway was so smooth to drive and free from traffic.

As it was cold weather I had to maintain my bike speed to around 65-70 kms/hour. I reached Tumkur at around 5:35am and as my body able to control cold winds I increased my bike speed to 75-90kms/hour and reached Chitradurga around 6:15am. At that time the first light from sun was following me and I had to stop my bike (nearly after 170kms drive from Bangalore) to do some photography of sunrise. I captured few photos and started my journey again.

Chitradurga (Kannada: ಚಿತ್ರದುರ್ಗ) is a town in the southern part of the Indian state of Karnataka. It is also the headquarters of Chitradurga district. Chitradurga was also known by the names Chitradurg , Chitrakaladurga, Chittaldurg. Chittaldrug was the name officially used by the British Govt.

Chitradurga features bold rock hills and picturesque valleys, huge towering boulders in numerous shapes. It is known as the “stone fortress” (Kallina Kote). According to the epic Mahabharatha, a man-eating Rakshasa named Hidimba and his sister Hidimbi lived on the hill. Hidimba was a source of terror to everyone around while Hidimbi was a peace loving rakshasa . When the Pandavas came with their mother Kunti in the course of their exile, Bhima had a duel with Hidimba in which Hidimba was killed. Thereafter Bhima married Hidimbi and they had a son named Ghatotkacha who was gifted with magical powers. Legend has it the boulders were part of the arsenal used during that duel. In fact, the boulders on which major part of the city rests belong to the oldest rock formation in the country.

Timmana Nayaka, a chieftain under the Vijayanagar Empire, rose to the rank of governor of Chitradurga as a reward from the Vijayanagara ruler, for his excellence in military services,. This was the beginning of the rule of the Nayakas of Chitradurga. His son Obana Nayaka is known by the name Madakari Nayaka (1588 CE). Madakari Nayaka’s son Kasturi Rangappa (1602) succeeded him and consolidated the kingdom to rule peacefully. As he had no heirs to succeed him, his adopted son, the apparent heir was enthroned but was killed in few months by the Dalavayis.

Chikkanna Nayaka (1676), the brother of Madakari Nayaka II sat on the throne, and his brother succeeded him with the title Madakari Nayaka III in 1686. The unwillingness of Dalawayis to accept Madakari Nayaka III’s rule gave an opportunity to one of their distant relatives, Bharamappa Nayaka to ascend the throne in 1689. He is known as the greatest of the Nayaka rulers. The subjects of Chitradurga did not experience a good reign of the successive rulers as they ruled on the throne for very brief periods. The Hiri Madakari Nayaka IV (1721), Kasturi Rangappa Nayaka II (1748), Madakari Nayaka V (1758) ruled this area but there is not much to mention of their rule.

Time 6:45am and I was in chitradurga city moving towards Davangere (The next destination, another Indian city which falls beside NH4). The distance between chitradurga to davangere is about 65-70kms and I reached at 7:45am maintening my bike speed around 70-90kms/hour
Davangere or Davanagere(Kannada: ದಾವಣಗೆರೆ) is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is the administrative headquarters of Davangere District. The city is located on NH4 at a distance of about 265 km from the state capital of Bangalore. Davangere became separate district in 1997; it was separated from the district of Chitradurga for Administration conveniences.

Previously known for its cotton mills, Davangere has been a fast-developing city of Karnataka. There was a time when the city was called Manchester of Karnataka due to its excellent quality of cotton produced in its cotton mills and hand looms.Now,the city is famous for Education and has the new Davangere University.

In Davangere I had my break fast (davanagere benne dosa) and took 10 min rest so my bike engine also cold down for some time. I then started my drive again and its Ranebennur which was my next destination place on NH4. I reached Ranebennur/Havery at arround 10:15am and captured some good photoes of nature which are on our way. In between I felt to call my friend to express my feeling of my ride and I called to my friend Noborupam jana and we both discussed about my journey and about photography.

From Havery to Belgaum the highway condition is little better as compare to chitradurga to davangere national high.I travelled arround 70kms from Havery to Hubli and reached hubli at 12pm (In between I captured lots of photoes of flowers, fileds which fall under my travel route)

Hubli , also called Hubballi, (Kannada: ಹುಬ್ಬಳ್ಳಿ) is a major city in the state of Karnataka of India. The name Hubballi literally means “flowering creeper” in Kannada. The twin cities of Hubli and Dharwad, collectively referred to as “Hubli-Dharwad”, is the second-largest conurbation in Karnataka after Bangalore. While Dharwad is the administrative headquarters, the city of Hubli, situated about 20 km south-east of Dharwad, is the commercial centre and business hub of North Karnataka. Crops like Cotton and peanuts are grown aplenty in the surrounding rural areas, and Hubli is a major trading center for both commodities. It is also an important city for the Indian Railways, being the headquarters for South Western Railway Zone and the Hubli Railway Division.

Once I crossed hubli I started feeling little stressed as I am alone driver on my bike and at that moment I travelled arround 400+ kms and have travel another 90+ kms to reach my final destination. So I took quick breaks in between (at evry 30 kms). Once I reached Kittur I had lunch in a hotel and spend little high time on my break to give rest to my body and to my bike.

Kitturu (Kannada ಕಿತ್ತೂರು ), also called Kittur is a village in Belgaum District of Karnataka state. It is part of the Bailahongal taluk in Belgaum district. It is a place of historical significance because of the resistance of Rani Chennamma of Kitturu (1778–1829) to the British Raj.

After having a good lunch at kittur(North karnata style food) my bike wheels again touched the national highway to reach my native i.e Belgaum which is arround 44kms from kittur.

When I reached my home in Belgaum I felt very happy as I achieved my goal/Ambition and prepared myself for my next goal.
Thanks to Wiki (http://www.wikipedia.org /) which helped me to prepare my travelogue:)

The Mission Belgaum accoomplished finally 🙂 and now what next….?

Funniest experience -My Over confidence

What is the funniest experience that you have ever had? When was it? Would you like it to happen again?
Here I would like to share some funniest experiences of my life and one from my friend Noborupam Jana.
If you have any such funniest experience in your life then please share with us.

1) Over confidence

I am from middle class family. I was just finished my Graduation and was looking for job. I was not exposed to Big cities or to metros in those days. Only Belgaum and Belgaum. My friend and one me went to INDAL to look for jobs as we heard there were some openings. When we reached INDAL we found there are no job openings and ofcourse we were very unhappy. We went to INDAL on our Bicycle’s from Belgaum. Once we came to know there were no job openings we planned to get back to our houses. It was summer season and temperature is about 37 to 38 c. We both were very thirsty and hungry as it was lunch time and very humid climate with temperature. We both planned to have some cold drink or Ice cream near JNMC. My friend told I don’t have money and I said I no problems, I have it. We went to one Hotel to have ICE cream and ordered two and once we finished having it the waiter came to table and gave the bill 20 Rs. I checked my pocket for money and found it was empty. So next question in our mind what to do now.

My friend: I told you I do not have money but you said you have it. Now see what happened…….. 

Me: Yes, I told you. Yesterday only I had 50 Rs in my poket.

My friend: So what to do now?

Me: I thought for some time and realized that I was wearing the other shirt and I left the money in some other shirt.

Me: Then I requested Hotel owner to give some time to me to bring the money from my house. Hotel owner was agreed to this expect one condition. I have to keep my friend in hotel till I return with money.

I then went to my house on my cycle and brought the money which was there in my shirt poket and gave to Hotel owner.

We then silently moved from there and laughed each other…….

Learned lesson: Be confident but don’t be more over confident (Learnt lesson with fun). We still remember these moments and laugh each other.

By: Sandeep & Changdev

2) We think practice makes person perfect but some times to much practice may affect our life…. 

Working in call centers is a hectic job. It can be contagious when you apply the phone etiquettes in your personal life. Like the other day, a friend called me when I was half awake and answered.. “Thank you for calling………”

People are known by their first name, last name and nick name. Out of the three, if someone calls you at home on a land line using the last name very informally, the caller may have a hard time. My friend from Bhubaneswar called me using my last name, mom answered the phone. My friend realized it late and started stammering as he could not remember my name

By: Noborupam Jana

Funniest experience of my life- Be cautious while walking on railway station platform

What is the funniest experience that you have ever had? When was it? Would you like it to happen again?
Here I would like to share another funniest experiences of my life .If you have any such funniest experience in your life then please share with us.

Be cautious while walking on railway station platform
This is another funniest incident happened in my life which I would like to share with you all. Its 4 years back story…

After completing my graduation and some struggle I got a Job in Bangalore. So I moved from Belgaum to Bangalore. I was away from Belgaum first time (I know first time is for everything) but I miss my Belgaum very much (I am sure every Belgaumite feels the same). So we used to(few friends from Belgaum) plan to go Belgaum every month for 2-3 days on our weekends. Usually we prefer the travel journey though Bus (Pai,SRS,VRL) and never traveled by train or don’t knew any information about traveling by trains.

It was some festival season and we three friends(Sandeep,Changdev,Suneel) decided to go to belgaum by train as all Bus’s where already booked and we didn’t got any tickets even we tried 15 days before our journey date. We had a chat between us for some time and decided to go by train finally. So the next question/point in our mind was to book the train tickets as we were traveling first time by train and do not wanted to take any risk (Meaning…we do not wanted to waste our valuable holiday time and reach Belgaum as soon as possible). Suneel and I decided to go to railway station to reserve our tickets.

It was Saturday a weekend for us, we went to Railway station (Near majestic in Bangalore) and we saw one counter and after chatting with few peoples over there we found that we can book our Tickets on that counter or we have to go to main station reservation counter which was very near. As it was weekend the queue to reserve tickets was very long. So we decided to go to main Ticket counter which is located at main railway station. We used the flyover to cross the railway tracks and Entered directly on railway station platform. Me and suneel chatting something while walking on platform and suddenly one Tall person came in front of us. We stopped. He is in normal civilian cloths and he then started making some hand signals to us (He was asking “Where you are going and from where you are coming”).

Me: I said, we came to book train tickets for Belgaum and searching reservation counter.

Tall person: He then asked where the Ticket?

Suneel: Ticket….? We are not passengers or came by any train. We came to book the Tickets for Belgaum.

Me: In between I was thinking why this guy asking these questions to us.

Tall Person: He again asked where the Tickets are.

Sandeep: I again said, we don’t have any tickets. We want to reserve some.

Tall person: He opened his small bag and took out small book (Looks like some billing book) and was started writing something. He said, give 500 Rs.

Sandeep: Why we have to give you 500 Rs?

Tall person: Because you don’t have Ticket?

Sandeep: Why we need Ticket if we come to reserve the Tickets?

Tall person: Because you are walking on the railway station platform?

Sandeep: Why we need the Ticket to just to walk on the railway station platform?

Tall person: He asked, are you traveling first time through train? Have you read the rules written outside the railway station gate?

Sandeep: I said, no…why?
In Between we realized that this tall person is Ticket checker or inspector.

TC: He said its crime. Walking on railway station platform without ticket is crime. Tell me if you are ready to pay the 500 Rs as fine (Penalty) or should I create case against you?

We both: Looked at each others face and surprised. We never ever made any crime or stepped on to court or police station….and walking on railway station platform made us criminals..? 

We both: We both then requested TC to leave us as we were unaware of these rules. But TC didn’t agreed to our request. He said, you will receive memo on Monday to attend the court next week.

We both: We again looked to each other and agreed to give him the 500/Rs as fine as it is mistake from our side it may be happened unknowingly or knowing. The mistake is the mistake.

Sandeep: We given the 500Rs and went from their without any Tickets as Ticket counters are heavily filled with peoples and it was already 6pm

We both gone to Majestic a city Bus stand in Bangalore and catched a bus to our place. In the bus we were laughing each other for our mistake and talking about “Why we went their and what happened at the End”. We lost 500/Rs unnecessary without any profit. It was govt’s day and they got their profit.

Learnt Lesson with fun: Do not walk on railway platform without platform Ticket or reserved/Traveled Ticket 