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Funniest experience of my life- Be cautious while walking on railway station platform

What is the funniest experience that you have ever had? When was it? Would you like it to happen again?
Here I would like to share another funniest experiences of my life .If you have any such funniest experience in your life then please share with us.

Be cautious while walking on railway station platform
This is another funniest incident happened in my life which I would like to share with you all. Its 4 years back story…

After completing my graduation and some struggle I got a Job in Bangalore. So I moved from Belgaum to Bangalore. I was away from Belgaum first time (I know first time is for everything) but I miss my Belgaum very much (I am sure every Belgaumite feels the same). So we used to(few friends from Belgaum) plan to go Belgaum every month for 2-3 days on our weekends. Usually we prefer the travel journey though Bus (Pai,SRS,VRL) and never traveled by train or don’t knew any information about traveling by trains.

It was some festival season and we three friends(Sandeep,Changdev,Suneel) decided to go to belgaum by train as all Bus’s where already booked and we didn’t got any tickets even we tried 15 days before our journey date. We had a chat between us for some time and decided to go by train finally. So the next question/point in our mind was to book the train tickets as we were traveling first time by train and do not wanted to take any risk (Meaning…we do not wanted to waste our valuable holiday time and reach Belgaum as soon as possible). Suneel and I decided to go to railway station to reserve our tickets.

It was Saturday a weekend for us, we went to Railway station (Near majestic in Bangalore) and we saw one counter and after chatting with few peoples over there we found that we can book our Tickets on that counter or we have to go to main station reservation counter which was very near. As it was weekend the queue to reserve tickets was very long. So we decided to go to main Ticket counter which is located at main railway station. We used the flyover to cross the railway tracks and Entered directly on railway station platform. Me and suneel chatting something while walking on platform and suddenly one Tall person came in front of us. We stopped. He is in normal civilian cloths and he then started making some hand signals to us (He was asking “Where you are going and from where you are coming”).

Me: I said, we came to book train tickets for Belgaum and searching reservation counter.

Tall person: He then asked where the Ticket?

Suneel: Ticket….? We are not passengers or came by any train. We came to book the Tickets for Belgaum.

Me: In between I was thinking why this guy asking these questions to us.

Tall Person: He again asked where the Tickets are.

Sandeep: I again said, we don’t have any tickets. We want to reserve some.

Tall person: He opened his small bag and took out small book (Looks like some billing book) and was started writing something. He said, give 500 Rs.

Sandeep: Why we have to give you 500 Rs?

Tall person: Because you don’t have Ticket?

Sandeep: Why we need Ticket if we come to reserve the Tickets?

Tall person: Because you are walking on the railway station platform?

Sandeep: Why we need the Ticket to just to walk on the railway station platform?

Tall person: He asked, are you traveling first time through train? Have you read the rules written outside the railway station gate?

Sandeep: I said, no…why?
In Between we realized that this tall person is Ticket checker or inspector.

TC: He said its crime. Walking on railway station platform without ticket is crime. Tell me if you are ready to pay the 500 Rs as fine (Penalty) or should I create case against you?

We both: Looked at each others face and surprised. We never ever made any crime or stepped on to court or police station….and walking on railway station platform made us criminals..? 

We both: We both then requested TC to leave us as we were unaware of these rules. But TC didn’t agreed to our request. He said, you will receive memo on Monday to attend the court next week.

We both: We again looked to each other and agreed to give him the 500/Rs as fine as it is mistake from our side it may be happened unknowingly or knowing. The mistake is the mistake.

Sandeep: We given the 500Rs and went from their without any Tickets as Ticket counters are heavily filled with peoples and it was already 6pm

We both gone to Majestic a city Bus stand in Bangalore and catched a bus to our place. In the bus we were laughing each other for our mistake and talking about “Why we went their and what happened at the End”. We lost 500/Rs unnecessary without any profit. It was govt’s day and they got their profit.

Learnt Lesson with fun: Do not walk on railway platform without platform Ticket or reserved/Traveled Ticket 

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