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TOP 9 Alert Computer user Tips !!

With the popularity of Internet now a days and with tremendous growth of information Technology or IT sectors new oceans are getting born. These oceans are not filled with water but with lots of information, data which is easily accessible to Authorized users. On daily, per minute and per sec uncountable waves of Information, data flows from one user to another, one device to another or to millions and billions. This data might be secured or unsecured. The unsecured data could be theft or attacked by attackers or attackers may destroy the data. The unsecured networks may help attackers control your systems and misuse your personal information.

Even secured Data networks may get attacked and misused or destroyed. Having secured systems layers or Softwares (Eg: Network security layers, Antivirus, Host intrusion prevention, DLP) may provide some amount of protection from these attackers (Eg: Malwares, Viruses, worms, Trojans etc ) however the network or systems or even home PCs will not be 100% secured anytime unless users i.e we are not 100% Alert always i.e  while we are working over internet, checking emails, connecting removable or any external storage devices. If we are not Alert computer users then its invitation to attackers to attack the PCs and perform destruction or miss use of your data and it could be your official data as well which may be useful to your competitors.

So how to avoid viruses, worms and Trojan attacks?

To answer to above question is simple, be Alert, cautious and follow the below simple Steps. The following steps can provide significant protection against the spread of malware code or malicious code however these steps require end user judgment call.

I had shared one of the example of malware infection recently in my article which is about browsers Hijacker malware.please go through it. Being a Alert computer user we could avoid such malware attacks easily.

Alert computer user Top 9 Tips and steps:

  1. Don’t open any attachments or emails from strangers. Generally these emails may look like below examples shown

Source emailSource email 2Source email 3

















2. Only accept or open emails which are expected and from trusted senders. We should have prior knowledge about such attachments or emails.

3. Use genuine Antivirus softwares on systems/Pcs which is upto date on regular basis with latest signatures files. Enable email protection. Recommendation is to do not use any freely available Antivirus or non-trusted one

4. Turn off the “Use Macros” feature in spreadsheet applications (Eg: MS Excel application) and word processors. Most of the malwares getting spread now a days using these files and exploiting these features.

The following article from Microsoft shall help you providing detailed information on how to disable macros in MS excel application


5. Avoid downloading untrusted, pirated softwares from internet.

6. While you are using the Removable devices (USB Devices i.e Pen devices or Mass storage devices) before accessing the data from it, scan them for known malwares. To cover maximum protection your antivirus should be running with latest or current available Anti-malware signatures.

Below are some of the screenshots of Removable device which got infected when it was connected to malware affected system and data got transferred to these devices.MALWARE Trojan1

Malware Symptoms




  1. While browsing on internet avoid downloading torrents or any third party setup files which do not have author or company details.
  2. Run the full Scan of systems atleast once in a week.
  3. Patch your operating systems and applications running with latest patch and hotfixes available. Generally the patches and hotfixes fix known bugs and vulnerabilities in that program or in operating system. This is the most important and basic step securing your PC.

Hope the above information helps. These are just basic Tips for computer users (Could be using their personal PC, Office PC ) and mostly related endpoint systems and not covering information backend security (Eg: Network security).

Hope it helps. Be good, alert computer user and contribute to secure your data.
Happy Alert computer User with smile

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