Welcome to Deepjeevani Dot Com which is the small logical and physical place in huge galaxy of Internet. Through Deepjeevani.com we explore different places/Art/poetry/, express our voice and share information which is useful for many and for good cause.

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What we share, explore, Express?

Our work, our hobbies, Art, Poetry, Photography, Travelogue, Good thoughts, Recipes, and many more information. Our Mission is to share small piece of information what we know and which is helpful to others. We cannot imagine life without our hobbies, Art, and nature.. so lets Explore, Express and share

Deepjeevani is the platform where we are trying to explore this small piece of information in two languages. One is in Marathi and in English. Just in short for our information Marathi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken predominantly by Marathi people of Maharashtra (India).

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मी मराठी - फ्रीडम मराठी

  • पाककृती
  • वर्गीकृत शब्दावली (शब्दकोश )
  • मराठी कविता
  • मराठी सुविचार
  • मराठी म्हणी
  • मराठी विनोद
  • घरगुती उपाय
  • आमचा भारत-आमची संस्कृती-रांगोळी


 इथे क्लिक करा


मी मराठी




Blogs, posts, articles in English.. !!!

  • Recipes
  • Braman –Travelogue
  • In and Around my City
  • Education/Career
  • TechGeek World
  • Good thoughts and Quotes
  • Funniest experiences 
  • Greetings and Graphics

and many more.... why waiting for?

Lets start with something Foodyyy 🙂

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